My Role:
Design Researcher - Assisted in creating research stimulus and synthesized findings
Brand Storyteller - Built and tested word patterns with prospective target market in relation to the brand principles


A conversational interface to foster networks and communities
within your local spaces. Reminding users whether spaces are around
the corner, or just a few minutes away from discovery.

Ample works as a conversational interface to invite networks and communities to local spaces. As a tool, it's purpose is to help individuals discover
areas, feel comfortable in them, and encourage those users to find like-minded individuals.In our research found that many of our users knew their
spaces of preference and had the curiosity to find newer ones. However, they didn’t have the access to understand the right moments to visit.


Staying lean, we wanted to avoid designing an additional application with unnecessary features/repetitive API creeps. We decided to create a chat-bot centered around three core features FIND MY SPACE, SAVE MY SPACE, and SHARE Location.


Additionally, we wanted a mobile to serve as an additional touchpoint to our ecosystem’s product roadmap.  The primary interactions intended here was to facilitate our users need to receive and share spaces within their network.


As our users leave the space? We want to utilize CUI to establish the businesses’ actual S.A.S.S.Y framework better. Are they hip, or are a little relaxed?  Why do you think so? By keeping these short and less severe, we hope people are more comfortable with providing feedback.

Furthermore, we needed to keep the idea constant and relay adaptable spaces through live feedback. Thus, keeping our areas relevant and updated with what we could consider Ample’s "SASS".

Research Phase


This video by Vox Explains how the third space for our users is a haven of refuge other than just the home or workplace. How it works as a place where people can regularly visit and commune with friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers.

Luckily we  stumbled onto this video, showcasing our year of research inside 5 mins


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