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Philips: Mask Selector.

Foundational and strategic development of a sizing and fitting software that uses advanced 3D facial-scanning technology to help clinicians fit patients with the right mask.

Philips: Patient Research.

Study understanding the stigma behind CPAP masks and its impact on a patient's care treatment in pursuit of discovering how color can enhance their experience.

Philips: Access to Care.

A research initiative aimed to uncover the factors that contribute to health inequity for black and brown communities in America regarding COVID outcomes and beyond.

Johnson & Johnson.

The Human Performance Institute: Facilitating your ability toward releasing one's potential and improving the overall wellbeing of our worlds most elite professionals.


A platform of solutions that leverage individual vehicle usage data to create new educational experiences.


A conversational interface to foster networks and communities within your local spaces.

Mission Possible.

A holistic solution aiding a nonprofit organization in improving their programs and the lives of the children they serve.

Philips Consultant Work.

A patient-centric service solution offering a way to connect with our loved ones who need the most patience and attention.


A voice that knows you, a place that needs you. MetaNeeds-U remembers and stores your needs that you create.


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