Within Philips Experience design, we have a great foundation to build our solutions on through our focused mindset around radical empathy, holistic care, and humanizing technology. Our brand is caring first and foremost, impactful, and then innovative. Since we are at the core of demonstrating meaningful experiences across populations we decided to be bold and extend this vision to be as inclusive toward vast vulnerable and marginalized populations across the US.

My Role:
Design Lead - Currently planning and facilitating the design process for a new access to care project.
Design Researcher - Seeking, analyzing, and synthesizing patient findings and insights relating to inequities within our healthcare system.

Black people in America
It’s been well documented throughout history that black people in this nation (United States of America) have been experiencing disproportionate impacts on their quality of life and and relating factors impacted by social determinants of health.

Black people are two times more likely to die from COVID-19 as their white peers.

The recent infliction of COVID-19 and the high mortality rates within the black population are just systemic reflections of the longstanding racial and ethnical inequities in our healthcare system to date.

Our journey through discovery
Care pathway analysis & development
We started by looking into our current COVID care pathway as an immediate and relevant way of targeting opportunity spaces through highlighting pain points and barriers of which inhibit these populations from receiving proper care.
Where we are now
More to come...


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