My Role
Design Researcher
Planned and facilitated patient interviews. Synthesized learnings into a cohesive document.

"If I had this choice my first time getting a CPAP mask,
I would have felt a lot better.”

- CPAP Patient

DISCOVER: CoCreating with Patients
Obstructive Sleep Apnea can intervene in one's lifestyle in many ways relating to their personal relationships and comfortability while in use. The stigma of wearing a CPAP mask can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

We wanted to better understand what values patients see in their mask and how they feel it could be evolved to better suit their sleeping environment.
Value Based Assessment
A value based assessment is a study to measure the likeliness of a group of atributes in relation to a particular product or experience. The participants rate each feature along a varying range of attributes. This results in a simple visualization of how they feel about a certain aspect of that product or service in regards of the type of value they perceive it to hold.
Who we spoke to
What we found
'Customer mindset'
[CPAP]…“I can’t sleep without it.” -CPAP Patient
Ranking Attributes
The mindset today
“I would have tried one of the ones with color first. The one you try first is generally the one you end up sticking with throughout the therapy.”

- CPAP Patient
Concept Ranking
Overall perceptions
“…something that doesn’t look like a sleep apnea mask… I don’t want to wear this thing, so make it more low profile and unobtrusive.”

-CPAP Patient
Top 3 benefits of color
Transitioning mindsets
From functional to emotional
“It’s nice to have someone who cares what it looks like.”

                                                                            - CPAP Patient


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