Mask Selector 3D is a clinically validated CPAP mask selection, sizing and fitting software that uses a proprietary sizing algorithm and advanced 3D facial-scanning technology to help clinicians fit patients with the right mask.

It helps give reassurance to customers who want to find the right mask for them and intuitive guidance to precisely measure their face to provide accurate suggestions.

Mask Selector 3D won iF Design Award and CES INNOVATION AWARD in 2021.

My Role
Design Strategist
Worked closely with business stakeholders through navigating consumer experience insights in order to evolve  current and future user interactions.

The Challenge

Choosing the right mask is harder than it seems. 1 out of 3 sleep apnea patients needs to be refitted for a new mask.

The traditional mask fitting process can end up demanding significant time, money, inventory and labor from sleep labs and DMEs to engage their patients.

The main challenges were:

Mask Selector delivers an accurate, personalized CPAP mask suggestion that the physician and the patients can count on.
Our premium technology uses a 3D camera to:

     Capture 150 pictures of the patient’s face and gather 100,000 key data points of facial geometry from each picture

      Run data through our proprietary algorithm of thousands of facial scans across various ethnicities to identify the 46,200 points most critical       to the process
With this data-driven process, Mask Selector 3D recommends the mask type, cushion size and frame size
(if applicable) that fits best for the patient.
Optimization Principles
We wanted to evolve the current process of a patient getting fitted for their mask to create a high tech and professional application that is simple and flexible delivering fast results both accurately and securely.
Our Solution
Easy to follow instructions that provides users context for taking the most accurate photo.
Efficiency is created through bringing the patient search and creation into one screen.
Quick and easy survey provides more information to the selection algorithm about the patient's needs and preferences, to provide a better mask fit.
Focus on the results by creating space for the scan to live and breathe while giving ample room to describe the mask and the sizing information to the patient.

The image above takes you to InVision Prototype of Mask Selector 3D.
The Philips Mask Selector 3D software is the first and only clinically-validated mask selection, sizing and fitting solution that helps providers fit patients with the right mask from the start.

It uses 3D facial scanning technology and a proprietary algorithm to help providers realize business efficiencies with a 52% reduction in patient refits through first 90 days of compliance.

In-office digital scanning offers an option to limit personal contact between patients and providers to help with the new ways of working in today's world.


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